Angelina Jolie Before and After Plastic Surgery – The Retelling of her Storied Career

Angelina Jolie is one of the most influential individuals in the world today. We have witnessed Angelina Jolie grow up as an actress and model, to filmmaker and now, as a passionate humanitarian to the point that she works quietly and without any fanfare. Almost everybody loves Angelina. She is one of the few celebrities who are truly blessed physically, in addition of course to talent, skills and attitude. With her natural beauty, is plastic surgery necessary for Jolie? Angelina Jolie’s plastic surgery before and after pictures can provide answers.

How many years apart are these images? It is hard to tell, but Angelina aged gracefully and that is for sure.

Angelina is in the early 40s now and more active in humanitarian activities than being on screen. Still, she has that smooth youthful glow. She truly cares for herself.

Angelina as a 16-year old teenager compared to her in her 30s. She is truly gifted physically. Have you notice any changes? There is a subtle change with her nose and eyebrows.

Seems like Angelina does not know how to age. She retained that youthful look for so many years now despite being busy with many off screen activities.

At first glance, Angelina’s cheekbones became prominent compared to her teenage years, but also some minor changes with her nose and eyebrows.

The Maleficent star does not show any signs of aging and still continues to beam such elegance with minimal makeup or even without makeup.

A comparison of Angelina during her 20s to late 30s will leave a hard time about changes on her face – the same fuller lips and minimalist makeup, but with a subtle nose morphing.

Isn’t it unfair that Angelina is genetically blessed and she looks more gorgeous as she aged, especially with this minimalist look?

It seems like divorcing Billy Bob and then marrying Brad Pitt causes huge changes to Angelina or is there some help from the doctor? Angelina would not divulge any information about it!

Nevertheless, Angelina is one of the prettiest and most elegant actresses/filmmakers/humanitarian that the world has seen.