PureFlix Review – An In-Depth Look

With the technology we have now, mobile phones and televisions have become necessities. Those technologies that provide entertainment is wanted by everyone because of the fun and enjoyment it brings. The problem lies with the profanity, violence, and nudity that comes with the entertainment nowadays. There are some people that just couldn’t stand those movies that have those elements in them. With that in mind, Pure Flix was created. In this Pure Flix review, we will be telling you all you need to know about this streaming website/service.

With the Internet in our hands, it’s actually a risk to let children have access to it. Not only because of accidental purchases online but the content that they’ll be seeing might be traumatic for them.

Pure Flix – What is it?

Pure Flix is just the same as Netflix, a streaming service that provides people with thousands of movies and TV shows. Although both of them are streaming services, they’re not exactly the same because Netflix has movies that are not available to the minors and contains nudity, violence, and/or profanity. Pure Flix one the other hand only delivers content which has a Christian theme, which is family-oriented, and movies or tv-shows that are based on Faith.

Pure Flix even has a studio where the TV shows and movies are made and produced. The Pure Flix studio is affiliated with Universal Studios – they’re focused on making entertaining films for Christian or religious audiences. Movies and TV shows are not the only content you can watch on Pure Flix, films that are educational, inspirational, soap-operas, and documentaries can also be seen there.

The Qualities of the Content delivered

Content-wise, Pure Flix has delivered thousands of content that has a Christian theme, so there are movies that you may like, and movies you might not.

Pure Flix again, doesn’t produce content that contains elements of nudity, violence, or profanity so you don’t need to worry about showing some of your friends or family movies that are streamed in this service. No need for you to be hiding the service because it’s all good.

Though some movies are PG-13 and might show some adult-like content, it’s still not as risky as raw streaming – they are just difficult for a child to understand. Pure Flix filters and mutes fowl languages, if there are any in the content they deliver, so you won’t hear any curse words or languages that are not child-friendly.

While there are PG-13 movies in this streaming website/service, there are kids’ sections as well. The kid’s section only provides content that is appropriate for children. This section is good because while your kids are being entertained, they can also be educated of the Christian life or Christianity.

The movies that you’ll find in Pure Flix are of HD quality as well, just make sure that you have an internet speed of at least has 25 Mbps, so that your streaming experience won’t be ruined by the constant buffering and loading.

In Pure Flix, there are no Christian TV channels available, so you’ll need to find other networks in order to watch them live.

Many customer feedback and Pure Flix reviews point out that the service is good if the children are going to be alone in their respective spaces. Ever wonder what your child sees when they’re alone and they’re connected to the internet? With Pure Flix, you don’t have to worry about that anymore because everything is safe and good.


Pure Flix is compatible to a lot, if not all devices, and is being improved further and further in order to bring more into play. In the Pure Flix website, you can see the help section so that you’ll know what devices are available to be use the application, and the ones that aren’t. Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, Samsung Smart TV and Amazon Fire TV are examples of what compatible devices can be used in steaming content delivered by Pure Flix.

Why should I choose Pure Flix rather than Netflix or other popular streaming services?

Pure Flix only streams movies/shows that are family-friendly and are dedicated to Christians. While Netflix and other popular streaming sites/services have more in terms of the quantity of content being delivered, they won’t beat Pure Flix in terms of the fact that it’s safe even when your children are alone. Moreover, they contain Christian content so it’s actually a no-brainer for religious people.

How much is Pure Flix?

For the subscription, the first 30 days is free-of-charge, which means you won’t pay anything even though you input your credit or debit card number. After the 30-day trial, you’ll be charged with $10.99 a month, and $99.99 per year. The cost is quite reasonable, and if you don’t think so, you can always just attempt to stop subscribing from the streaming site/service.


  • The quantity of Christian Films being provided are countless. You are bound to find what content you will like while exploring this streaming site;
  • The Pure Flix studio constantly produces new content that are either family-oriented, has a Christian theme, Faith-based, and other type of content that are beneficial for the entertainment of a religious family;
  • The price of $10.99 a month is expected as it is, and is quite reasonable. The amount of content it provides is just a lot;
  • The first 30 days isn’t billed after subscription. Just cancel the subscription if the 30th day is nearing, in order for you to not get charged. Cancelling the subscription is easy, just go to the ‘My Account’ in the members area and locate the cancel subscription link; and
  • Pure Flix makes bonding times with the family better. Family-oriented films are good for the entertainment of the whole family – as one.


  • Some movies that are famous for their Christian theme genre aren’t included or can’t be seen. They might have just been not added yet;
  • Pure Flix isn’t as smooth as Netflix is. The internet needs to be fast in order to get the full watching or streaming experience; and
  • Customer service in Pure Flix are being reported for the unavailability to speak to the billing department.

Would I recommend Pure Flix?

Would I recommend Pure Flix to you? Yes, because I think this steaming service is good for the entertainment of the whole family, and the content it provides is just good in terms of quality. Not only are the categories it brings are broad, it also doesn’t have any triggering elements, such as violence, nudity and profanity. So you can even leave your children alone while they’re meddling with it without having to worry if they’ll see something unusual or not.

You can try this streaming service for free for the first 30 days, for you to test out whether to subscribe or not. If you enjoy the service, you can continue paying for the affordable subscription package. Otherwise, you can cancel it immediately.

Thank you for reading this Pure Flix review! You can read other Pure Flix reviews all over the net if you still have other questions. Moreover, you can visit their website: https://pureflix.com.