Miley Cyrus Pregnant: How Liam Hemsworth Responded To the Rumor

Fans of the Miley and Liam duo rejoiced after the ex-couple decided to give their relationship another chance. They were spotted together in Australia and other countries looking happy and in love. According to Hollywood insiders, they secretly tied the knot in January. Because of their rekindled relationship, Miley Cyrus pregnant claims also resurfaced.

Miley and Liam deciding to reconsider their relationship was a breath of fresh air in Hollywood as there were a number of dramatic celebrity couple break ups in 2016.

The two started dating back in 2010 after they met in the set of their first movie together, The Last Song.  In 2012, they got engaged, leaving fans swooning over their young romance.

Fans totally shipped their love team. They even made Miley Cyrus pregnant fan arts to show how much they want them to end up together.

Shortly after they called off their wedding in 2013, all eyes were on Miley as she transformed from a sweet country girl to a wild and provocative young woman.

Two years later, the two reunited with their friends in Australia. In 2016, Miley posted on Instagram a snap showing the Neil Lane engagement ring that Liam gave her.

The couple has been trying to keep their relationship low-key as they want to make it work better this time around.

In an interview with Capital FM, Hemsworth said that it would be great if Miley got pregnant since both of them have already started talking about starting a family.

The two are also thinking about adopting kids. According to Liam, Miley has started living a cleaner lifestyle to prepare for motherhood.

Countless of solid Team LiLey fans look forward to seeing them happily married and raising cute little kids. Fan theorize that the time they spent away from each other made them realize how they truly love one another.